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Bringing spotless to you

Kane DeKalb Dustless Blasting, Inc.

Kane Dekalb Dustless Blasting, Inc. brings the paint removal and surface preparation business to your doorstep serving the counties of Kane and Dekalb, in North Central Illinois. Our process utilizes a combination of air, water and abrasive media to remove paint in preparing your surface(s) for new paint. This combination eliminates the dust making and is an Eco-friendly alternative over sandblasting.


Contact us at for additional information and quotes.


Ideal for restoring any type of surface including wood, metal, bricks, concrete and much more.


Our system uses eco-friendly media such as 100% recycled glass, is DUST FREE and can be used anywhere.


Have any surface blasted clean in no time.


Our process is effective and, in many instances, requires no sanding or grinding. We provide a blast clean surface in no time!

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